About Us

Swimming pools, hot tubs & Jacuzzi are supposed to be our go to place to chill, wind down & relax. Maybe a good swim, or a warm soak in the Jacuzzi can do wonders for your body & soul.

What use would it be if these actually end up causing more stress instead?

A Dirty Pool Only Adds stress – not relieve it.

Everybody gets impressed when you claim to own a pool or a hot tub, but only you would know the difficulty of having it maintained, cleaned and functional. It’s hard to find your pool clean enough to enjoy a good swim or just relax in the water after long day – why is it hard? The pool gets dirty – VERY FAST – and the pool guy can only be present upto a certain point of the day. What if you want to jump in at night, and there’s bird poop floating all over?

We at the Pool Support care enough to release your stress and enjoy yourselves while we do the research and help you identify the best equipment you can invest on to enjoy without much human involvement. Isn’t that the dream?

Cheers to a happy life!