Can Swimming Pool Water Kill Grass?

Many pool owners like the idea of a beautiful grass filled lawn surrounding the swimming pool. Not only is it convenient, but it just brings that natural, unique feeling that makes you relaxed and gives a sense of peace.

Since most swimming pools have chlorine in them, you never really know if the chlorine concentration might be very problematic for the grass in your lawn.

Most of the time pool water won’t kill your grass. However, if you have high concentrations of chlorine or salt water, then these might end up damaging your lawn in the long run. You can fix these if you follow the instructions below.

Can Pool Water damage your lawn?

Most of the time, the answer is no. It doesn’t matter what turf variety you may have, grass isn’t affected that much by chlorine levels. However, that’s the case mostly when you have the odd splash or wet feet.

The pool chemicals and chlorine levels aren’t in high concentrations to the point where they can lead to grass damage.

Your lawn can easily identify what nutrients are required and it will avoid what it doesn’t need. As we mentioned above, the odd splash and wet feet will be ok.

However, if you pour a large amount of pool water on your lawn and it’s filled with chlorine, that will have a negative impact.

You need to realize that chlorinated pool water is damaging the environment and plants as well. If you’re looking to empty the pool for repairs or cleaning, then you must have a very low chlorine level. Otherwise, you will expose your lawn to high levels of chlorine, and that can be very problematic.

What happens if Pool Water gets poured on the grass?

If such a situation arises, the best thing you can do is to dilute the chlorinated water with regular water. You need to go ahead and water that region the best way that you can, since it will give tremendous results and a very good, engaging experience.

There can be times when you add grass in your pool by mistake, in this case you want to focus more on cleaning the pool often.

In case your pool has salt water, then you need to keep in mind that salt water can damage your lawn quite a bit. But just like the chlorinated water example, it needs to be in high amounts in order to cause severe damage.

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Avoiding any such issues is very important, and you should know how to handle the situation and fix.


In short, a little bit pool water will not kill the grass but too much can. If there is ever a situation where the grass gets wet with too much pool water, the best thing you can do is to water your lawn with normal water to dilute the salt or chlorine levels.