EZ Battery Reconditioning Program Review – Does it Really Work? Is it Legit?

EZ battery reconditioning program

Looking for a review on Tom Ericson’s EZ Battery Reconditioning program? Here we are going to reveal what the program will help you learn, why it’s beneficial to learn about battery reconditioning, the reason behind the “scam” fiasco, and who this program is recommended for. Keep reading to find out more details on this battery reconditioning program.

EZ Battery Reconditioning – How Does it Really Work?

This question does not need much explanation if you have already gone through the sales material on the official website. This program basically teaches you how to recondition or revive old batteries to 100% or at least 90% of their working condition again.

Doesn’t this sound promising? It’s actually not that hard once know how to do this – and to know the easy way of doing this, Tom Ericson has done a bang up job of making videos and written guides on how to revive different types of batteries.

Following the methods outlined in the EZ Battery Reconditioning videos, you can bring life to old batteries with the help you simple tools such as a multi-meter and a hydro-meter.

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Most batteries are wet-cell or lead acid cell batteries. It’s a plate of a lead immersed in sulfuric acid. This combination creates a reaction that generates electricity. Unfortunately, the same combination can also bring about corrosion inside that starts the battery to age and eventually die.

Since this is a natural process that cannot be avoided, do you really have to spend for a new battery every time this happens? Things only get worse when you live close to the coastal area!

Now that you know it’s the corrosion that causes the battery to die, can you clean this up? 

If you go through the videos in the main course, you will see how Tom Ericson’ guides you in disconnecting and removing the battery safely from where it is connected.

EZ battery reconditioning steps download

  • You then learn how to clean the contacts and terminals from the residue that has been built up throughout the ages using steel wool or other abrasives.
  • Next you get to use the fun tools – Multimeter and Hydrometer (Both inexpensive and can be purchased at your local hardware store).
  • With the help of the multimeter you get to read the voltage from the battery and compare with the guidelines learnt in the EZ Battery Reconditioning program.
  • Next you check each cell’s electrolyte level with the hydrometer to ensure the battery cells are adequate in performance. There is a certain criteria to follow here that will be provided to you in the videos.
  • Once this is done, you follow Tom Ericson’s special strategy called “Equalization” which involves a high voltage with low amp current to cause the battery to recover with time.

The whole process can be found in detail if you log in to the members area at the main website..

There are more methods that can be discussed here but by going into detail, I might just spill the beans on what you really find in the program. Tom might sue me for this since his hard work and research cannot go free – and I respect him for that since his techniques have saved a lot of people, a lot of money.

Car batteries are not the only batteries that can be revived you know? There are different types of batteries that can be revived quite easily,

  • Computer batteries
  • Phone batteries
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Long life batteries
  • Batteries used in alternative energy systems
  • Other types of lead-acid batteries
  • Deep cycle marine batteries
  • Golf cart batteries
  • Forklift batteries

Imagine how much money can be saved by reviving your old car battery instead of getting yourself a new one? Oh no! I am trying to be salesman – sorry about that.

In the EZ Battery Reconditioning Program, you learn which batteries are great to use as power banks to store electricity generated from renewable sources such as solar or wind power. It’s a great way to save money on expensive power storage batteries.

Had I known about this a few years ago, I would have saved a lot of $$$ on the Lead Acid Batteries that I purchased to store power for my emergency inverter set up for my office. Yes, I prefer inverter to generator since it’s sound proof and eco-friendly in comparison.

The Bonus

As a bonus, you also get the Battery Business Guide which teaches you how to make a business out of this knowledge that you have just gained.

You learn

  • How and where to get old batteries in bulk and at a steal price
  • How to recondition these batteries
  • How and where to sell them with a big profit
  • How to start a battery servicing business

Not everybody wants to learn about battery reconditioning to start a business but it’s a skillset and knowledge that’s worth retaining in your mind – if you ever had to teach someone or do it yourself in the future.

You don’t get the full “take me by the hand” training here but you get a consultant’s version of the big picture and that should be good enough to start off.

Beginner Friendly?

I don’t know much about these things either but the videos are very helpful. If we could learn new things in school, why can’t we learn new things now? Just focus your mind on what Tom teaches you in his book and videos and then it’s all about willpower.

Any noob can do it if shown the right way and Tom is very patient with his instructions in his videos, so you are good to go.

If you decide to go with the program, don’t skip the safety guidelines – it’s very important!

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Benefits of Learning to Revive Dead Batteries

Let me tell you a true story…

My car once ran out of battery and it wouldn’t start. Turns out, my 7 year old had left the light on inside the car when we were out for dinner 2 days before I found out about the dead battery. This is not the first time I had left the light on. The last time it happened, I traded my dead battery and got a 5% off on a brand new battery. Yes, I was a total loser for doing that.

When you go to repair shop to replace your car battery, you may have noticed they offer a small value for your small battery so you blindly hand it over to them. Why do they pay you for a DEAD BATTERY? BECAUSE THEY MAKE MONEY OUT OF IT – We are the losers handing in our dead battery for a very expensive new one.

The second time this happened, I took it to my nearby tire shop, who I knew had some knowledge in battery revival. I showed her the battery and she opened up all the caps, checked the liquid levels and said it will cost me $2 to revive it – collect it within 5 hours. Bless that lady!

My car is running perfectly with a fully charged battery again. This was when I realized how useful it can be to learn about battery reconditioning.

So you see, Batteries aren’t only used in vehicles. Learning to recondition old batteries can not only help you revive the battery in your vehicle. There are many uses…

Set up a battery reconditioning business.

You can simply buy old dead batteries at almost zero to low cost, revive them and sell it for a good profit.

Great for Survival

If you are a survival fanatic, then you know how important it is to have enough power to survive an emergency such as a storm or a heavy winter or when the power grid goes off for long periods of time. Owning old batteries that are reconditioned can help you use them as a battery bank to power up essentials in your home.

Saving Solar / Wind / Other power generation methods

If you like staying off the grid and prefer the use of renewable energy sources such as Solar or Wind power, you know how important it is to have a large battery bank to store the power generation until consumption. Why spend big bucks on new batteries when you can get yourself old or dead forklift batteries and recondition them for your requirement?

As you can see, there many benefits to learning how to recondition dead batteries. If you long on to the member area of EZ Battery Reconditioning Program, you can easily download videos on how different types of batteries can be revived and these are proven methods.

Is it Legit? Why Do Some Call it a Scam?

If you have tried searching on Google with the phrase “EZ Battery Reconditioning scam”, then you are a smart and safe shopper. Kudos to you!

At the same time, there are individuals who just like people coming to their website so they can earn some income out of the visitors. They prey on easy to appear search terms that end with the suffix “Scam”, “Fraud” etc…

If you open those pages and read the whole article, you will find nothing bad about the program. You WILL on the other hand find a link to the product page – recommending you to try it out. Wait WHAT?

Yes, that’s right. So if you really want to find out if EZ Battery Reconditioning program is a scam or not, you can simply purchase it and go through the whole thing.

If you are still not satisfied with the program, you can easily claim your refund from CLICKBANK – no questions asked – within 60 days. Clickbank is the third party payment processor that you make payment through to get access to the members area of the program. I’ve tested the refund process many times, and I have never been disappointed with ClickBank.

Can You Download this for course for FREE?

Such a premium and valuable program cannot be found for free to download. You can find videos on YouTube teaching you how to revive a dead battery, but this MAY or MAY NOT be the same instructions that you get when you pay for the course developed by Tom Ericson.

If this content were available for free, I highly doubt so much money is spent by Tom Ericson to market his program. There has to be something useful and effective that makes it all worth it.

Here’s what some customers have to say

Is it worth investing in this video course?

If you feel that this can be learnt online with the help of simply Google Search and YouTube videos, we wish you well. We hope you have plenty of time and many dead batteries to experiment with to find which strategy actually works or gives the best results.

No, this is not a panic statement to freak you out – it’s brutal honesty – since we at The Pool Support enjoy learning many different methods for free before actually paying for a course.

If you want a tried and tested way of reviving dead batteries – proven and recommended by 1000’s of happy customers – then go ahead and get the course.

-> Official Website: https://ezbatteryreconditioning.com