Best Above Ground Robotic Pool Cleaner – The Top 6

It must be tough trying to find the best above ground robotic pool cleaner seeing how the choices are limited when compared to selection available for in-ground pools. We at took it as a personal challenge to up with not 2 to 3 but 6 pool cleaners to choose from!

You can go through the detailed reviews below to find out which above ground robotic pool cleaner will start cleaning your swimming pool from this month.

Best Above Ground Robotic Pool Cleaner – Our Top 6 Picks

Here are some important facts to know before you take a look above at our recommended pool cleaners for above ground pools.

Dolphin pool cleaners are known to be the best in the market. Unfortunately, their above ground pool cleaning robots can only clean up-to 30ft pools. Yes, it’s a bummer.

AquaBot is quite popular for being a budget friendly robotic pool cleaner but they don’t have many models that are praiseworthy for durability. What’s recommended above is the only model we found that has good ratings on most shopping sites with the least amount of complaints.

Detailed Review of Robotic Pool Cleaners For Above Ground Pools

#1 – PAXCESS Automatic Pool Cleaner (50 feet)

With top brands in the market like Dolphin by Maytronics, Aquabot, Polaris, Pentair and so forth, one may never think twice about looking at a new brand. PAXCESS Automatic Pool Cleaner has done a brilliant job to change this mindset.

Being fairly new to the market, the Paxcess Automatic Above Ground / In Ground Robotic Pool cleaner has taken the industry by a storm with a surprisingly high ratio of happy and satisfied customers.

Let’s dwell into what makes this Paxcess Pool Cleaner our #1 choice for above ground pools.

One of the most popular and in demand feature is wall climbing. Even some of the best brand robotic pool cleaners lack this function when it comes to above ground pools but PAXCESS made sure to bridge this gap successfully. It can scrub upto the waterline and pick up leaves and small debris from the bottom of the pool.

Not only does the Paxcess Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner clean the corners with ease, but it also doesn’t care what shape your pool is. Be it an oval, hexagon or any unique shape you got done for your pool, this pool cleaner has received nothing but praise about being able to handle different pool shapes.

This above ground robotic pool cleaner comes with two extra large top access filter baskets that can easily trap large and small debris including sand particles whilst circulating the water into the pool for a more efficient and faster cleaning cycle.

Since the access is from the top, cleaning the filter basket is as simple is opening the top and cleaning the contents.

Cable tangling is quite a pain. A bigger pain to see an uncleaned pool and a tangled pool cleaner sucking up electricity and time without completing the job in hand. The Paxcess Robotic Pool Cleaner for Above Ground Pools comes with a 50 feet durable swivel cable that does not get tangled. A 50ft cable means that you can use this pool cleaner in a 50ft pool.

Scheduling is a very surprising feature to expect in a robotic pool cleaner in this price range, but PAXCESS made sure to add this function to their above ground pool cleaner. You can choose from 1, 2 to 3 hour programmable timers and forget about it.

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Although the PAXCESS above ground robotic cleaner is a praiseworthy product, there are a few drawbacks as well.

One of the main concerns is the weight of the product. At the weight of 30lbs, this pool cleaner is almost twice the weight of the Dolphin Escape pool cleaner. Customers have complained about the difficulty in lifting it up from the pool to have it cleaned.

One of the main reasons for the heavy weight is the build quality. It has a solid build structure which is a plus but unfortunately it comes at a price – more like it comes at a weight 😉

A caddy would be a great solution for such a heavy pool cleaner but unfortunately, you don’t get one with the PAXCESS automatic pool cleaner.

We couldn’t find any complaints about the customer care and after sales service for PAXCESS Robotic Pool Cleaner. It’s fairly new & you get 2 Years Warranty. It could take a year or two to find people complaining or praising about the warranty and after sales service for this brand.

We did find customers praising the effectiveness and promptness of PAXCESS Customer Service.

Putting the weight aside, the PAXCESS Automatic Pool Cleaner has won the hearts of many and ourselves at The Pool Support.

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#2 – AIPER Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner (Upto 50ft)

When it comes to automatic pool cleaners, AIPER rolls with the top brands in the market. AIPER Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner, thanks to its aesthetic design and powerful vacuum functionality, is a popular customer choice.

It is best known for its versatility, auto wall-climbing, and use of PVA brush for effective dust cleaning. There is a lot more AIPER Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner has to offer that we’ll explore on the go.

AIPER Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner is designed to work in almost every kind of swimming pool whether it is an in-ground or above-ground, residential or public, rectangular, oval, or circular-shaped pool. However, the only limitation it holds is for the pool to not have a diameter of more than 50-feet.

Don’t perceive this value as a downside to AIPER Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner since a pool of 50-feet diameter is fairly large enough and it is the one mostly found at residential sites.

Coming towards its cleaning capabilities, as mentioned above, AIPER Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner comes with PVA brushes that promise a powerful action against dirt. As for those who do not know, PVA stands for Polyvinyl Alcohol, a strong sanitizing agent used for resistance against grease and oil.

The PVA brushes, combined with the powerful motor system, provide an effective cleansing by scrubbing off any stain, gunk, or debris from every corner of the pool. Brushes are also useful to pick up on any trivial piece of dirt or debris floating around and vacuum them in.

Talking about its mobility, as mentioned above, AIPER Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner is capable of auto-wall climbing. Thanks to its anti-rollover build, AIPER sticks to the pool’s surface; whether it be floor or walls.

Moreover, it comes without a tangled cable so reaching every corner of the pool is convenient without risking twisting any cables.

Once all the dirt and grime are scrubbed off, the integrated vacuum in AIPER Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner sucks in all the debris. The filter basket is spacious enough to contain all the pool’s junk and once done, it can be cleaned easily. Just open the lid at the top, empty its content, and the cleaner is ready to back in action.

Automation is probably the best aspect of AIPER Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner—it’s called robot for a reason. You can set the cleaning time as 1, 2, or 3 hours and forget the rest. It will complete the lap and turn off on its own.

Additionally, if you wish to have the trigger yourself, you can connect AIPER Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner with your smartphone or remote control as well.

Showcasing a great customer service, AIPER serves its customers with a 2-year warranty for its pool cleaner. Thus, you can revert to the manufacturer in case of any cracks or breaks.

Hopefully, it won’t come to that as AIPER Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner continues to be a popular choice by pool owners backed by good and wide user experience.

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#3 – QOMOTOP Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner (Upto 50ft)

QOMOTOP Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner is probably the most automated piece in the market, in contrast to its counterparts, thanks to its advanced computerized system. The computer program consists of an accurate navigation system that scales the entire pool area and keeps a track of its location when cleaning.

It also detects any obstacle around it such as walls and automatically repositions when applicable. Similarly, it auto-climbs the walls and reaches to extreme depth to clean the waterline.

Once done, QOMOTOP Pool Cleaner shuts down automatically without any manual support. If going completely effortless is your style, QOMOTOP Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner is the way. It works on the ‘place and forget’ mechanism to provide you effective cleaning without making you move a limb; except turning it ON of course.

Moreover, in case you forget to turn off the cleaner after pulling it out from the water, it turns off automatically after 10 seconds. Thanks to its intelligent system, QOMOTOP Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner detects when the battery is low and leans against the wall automatically to conserve power.

QOMOTOP Robotic Cleaner showcases first-rate cleaning with its 4-sponge scrubbing brushes that scrub off the sturdiest of stains and grime. The hairs of the brushes are pretty solid and thus promise a good action against dirt. To stick with the walls and waterline, brushes are aided with sponge grips that adhere to the surface while cleaning.

QOMOTOP Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner then vacuums all the debris right up to its filtration baskets. The suction system has two channels to vacuum the dirt and therefore it leaves no dirt behind.

The filtration baskets come with a removable tray which makes it very easy to clean them. Remove the trays out by pressing the button, empty their content, and place them back in.

QOMOTOP Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner has an IPX8 waterproof build that can withstand a considerable amount of water pressure thanks to its durable design and high-quality material. Thus, you can leave the cleaner in the water for longer periods even after cleaning is done without worrying about compromising any internal components.

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Similarly, the cleaner won’t undergo any rust or tear externally as well due to its strong build.

Once done, you don’t have to undergo the nuisance of diving deep to get the cleaner out as the QOMOTOP Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner has a floating handle. This handle works as a rope and it is tied to the cleaner at one end while the other end floats on the surface. You can simply reach out and grab the handle to pull out the cleaner.

QOMOTOP Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner is a great option for not only the effective cleaning and reliable computer system but for its money value as well. It is affordable and comes with a two-year warranty from the company.

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#4 – Dolphin Escape Robotic Above Ground Pool Cleaner

Dolphin makes the super models of robotic pool cleaners and Dolphin Escape Above Ground Robotic pool cleaner is no exception.

The Dolphin Escape Above Ground Pool Cleaner comes with HyperGrip Continuous Rubber Tracks – a technology patented by Maytronics. These continuous rubber tracks provide Dolphin Escape with the ability to have a firm grip on the floor.

It also helps when trying to climb over obstacles and debris. In fact, this has been a weakness of most robotic pool cleaners for above ground pools.

The Dolphin Escape has no excuse for leaving behind an uncleaned inch of surface on your pool floor no matter what shape your pool is.

Unfortunately, with so much technology in this piece of machinery, Maytronics decided to skip the ability to clean walls in the Dolphin Escape pool cleaner. When asked why, they say above ground optimized robotic pool cleaners will not clean walls and they don’t have to. This means waterline won’t be cleaned either.

It does clean the 25 to 50% of the wall from the bottom up – but do not expect it to happen everytime.

The Dolphin Escape Above Ground “Optimized” Robotic pool cleaner is very efficient at cleaning large and small debris. It comes with a large top loading debris cartridge which can hold upto 60% more debris. You can order the fine filter cartridge separately although not necessary.

Accessing the cartridge from the top is a simple process and it’s even easier to wash it up with a garden hose and install it back.

The Dolphin Escape comes with 40ft cable that can be used to clean pools upto 30ft in length. Since it doesn’t not come with anti tangle swivel, you may be concerned about the cables getting tangled. You are wrong – there have been no complaints so far about cables getting tangled with the Dolphin Escape Pool Cleaner.

Without any noise, the Dolphin Escape can clean your entire swimming pool within a 1.5 hour cycle. The SmartNav technology scans the pool initially and makes sure this above ground pool cleaner moves to most required areas.

The SmartNav technology along with the Hyper-grip continuous rubber tracks makes the Dolphin Escape efficient at providing best results every time.

If it’s the first time you have placed this robot into your pool, let it run at least 2 to 3 cycles to get the perfect finish. Once your pool is cleaned up, the maintenance becomes much more easier each time.

What we didn’t like is that this above ground robotic pool cleaner does not come with a schedule timer. You cannot schedule it to clean the pool at set intervals.

The build quality is at a premium range that cannot be compared to budget friendly options recommended below. Worried about lifting the Dolphin Escape out of the pool? Too heavy? NOT QUITE!

Weighing at only 14 lbs, this could be one of the lightest above ground robotic pool cleaners with a great build and an array of futuristic features to work with. This makes the need for a pool caddy unnecessary. You do not get one with the Dolphin Escape anyway, but you can order one if necessary.

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Unlike most robotic pool cleaners than come with an average 1800 watts of power, the Dolphin Escape Pool Cleaner uses only 180 watts of power. Maytronics made it happen by equipping the Dolphin Escape with low voltage DC motors that use 90% less power than other pool cleaning robots in the market.

Worried about after sales? You get 1 year manufacturer warranty and an option to add 3 years extended warranty for mechanical and electrical faults.

Main Drawbacks

  • Does not clean the entire wall – only part of it from the bottom up.
  • No automatic schedule timer for “set it and forget it” operation.
  • Calls to Maytronics for support can be a long wait

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#5 – Dolphin E10 Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner (Upto 30ft)

Dolphin E10 Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner perfectly fits the description, “The right man for the right job.” It is specifically designed for medium-sized above-ground pools with a diameter limit of 30ft.

Don’t let this restriction put you off so easily as the price for Dolphin E10 is less than half of that of a standard in-ground Dolphin pool cleaner.

This makes Dolphin E10 a reliable and effective above-ground robotic pool cleaner with great value for money. However, don’t rely only on its price as Dolphin E10 offers much more to our needs. It is equipped with smart navigation and a powerful brushing system that excels at what a cleaner is supposed to do — sound cleaning.

Dolphin E10 has a sufficiently large single brush integrated at the front that rotates at a considerably high-speed to scrub off any grime or algae. Its rotation speed is almost twice the speed of a standard pool cleaner. Vacuuming follows immediately after and all the dirt or debris is sucked into the filtration basket.

After filtering the water, the dirt is contained while the filtered water is released immediately. Doing so makes the Dolphin E10 lighter and easier for you to pull it out without undergoing any heavy lifting unless you really love to show off your muscular strength.

The filtration basket is placed on the top and is easy to access. It only needs a little twist to remove the basket.

Simply dump the contents of the basket, clean it with water to remove any particles left, and place it back on the top. You don’t have to flip over Dolphin E10 to clean the basket as the case with some other pool cleaners.

Moving on from the basics, let’s discuss the secondary features of Dolphin E10 and what makes it unique for its particular job. Despite having an economical price, Dolphin E10 above ground pool cleaner hasn’t compromised a bit on its technological aspect.

It comes with a ‘CleverClean Scanning’ feature that uses sensors and a smart navigation tool to scale the entire pool when cleaning. Its Algorithms precisely indicate when and where to move next while making sure to visit every spot.

Dolphin E10 uses ‘PowerSteam turning’ to change its course while cleaning. This feature enables the cleaner to turn around without relying on wheels. The cleaner expels a surge of air pressure from the bottom that lifts it up and allows changing direction.

Dolphin E10 excels in simplicity too as it ignores the need for any complex timer functions or settings. It simply does its jobs at the push of one start button that gets it up and moving.

Coming towards the shortcomings of Dolphin E10, sadly, it does not climb walls as other high-end pool cleaners do.

So, you might have to get a brush ready to scrub the walls yourself. However, Dolphin E10 Above Ground Robotic Pool Cleaner still offers a good return of your every penny spent while meeting all our needs for a sparkling clean swimming pool.

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