Owning a Swimming Pool – The Benefits and Disadvantages

When most people hear the world “Swimming Pool”, they think of summer, relaxation, exercise and fun. They remember all the cool refreshing dips they took during hot summer days. The get-togethers, parties and of course the relay races. If you are thinking owning a swimming pool, then let us help you understand it benefits and drawbacks.

Like most major home improvement projects, you can get as fancy as you like with the swimming pool. you can add advanced heating and lighting, install high-tech pool covers and even enjoy music while you swim with underwater pool speakers.

Whether you have a basic backyard pool or a massive in-ground pool, ever pool has four components that need regular care to keep the good times rolling.

Swimming Pool Speakers
Swimming Pool Speakers

Factors Involved in Setting up a Pool

Pool Water

The water in your pool is key to lasting pool happiness. Keeping it clean, clear and chemically balanced protects you and your family from contaminants and pollutants. It also helps you avoid costly hardware repairs due to corrosion or mineral build-up, and helps your whole pool last longer.

Pool Interior

The walls of your pool liner are in constant contact with pool water and everything that enters it. Keeping these surfaces in good repair, and clear of algae, mold and debris will help keep your pool clean and safe.

Pool Filtration System

Your pool pump draws water and keeps it circulating, like your heart does with your blood. Your pool filter clears dirt and other contaminants fro m your water just like your liver filters last night’s cheese fries from your blood.

Both protect you and your pool from harm. Without a functioning filter system, your pool will soon be a cloudy, polluted and un-swimmable mess.

Pool Skimmers and Returns

Your skimmers – not to be confused with a net skimmer, the cleaning tool attached to a telescoping pole – pull water into the filter for cleaning, while the returns push the cleaned water back into your pool. Like your veins and arteries, they work best when they’re clean and clear of obstructions.

Note: The pool skimmers are old school, check out our guide on robotic pool cleaners.


Benefits of Owning a Swimming Pool

For Low Impact Exercises

One of the greatest health benefits of a swimming pool is that they offer a low impact way to exercise

Compared to activities like running & jogging, swimming only puts 1/4th of strain on the body whilst provided similar or great benefits to the body.

This means way less pressure on muscles and joints. For this reason, swimming is an excellent alternative for people with arthritis or sore joints.

Good for Aqua Therapy

Swimming pools also provide the perfect environment for aqua therapy. While you can always get your therapy sessions in at the community pool or local gym, there’s nothing quite like your own personal aquatic space.

Great source of Cardio (Better Heart Health)

Want to improve your cardiovascular health but hate running? Switch to swimming.

Since swimming is a low impact exercise, you can do everything from a few laps of breaststroke to a high energy 500m free style sprint – all with minimal strain on the body. This means you can go much harder during your workout sessions without risking injury. A luxury that an equally challenging run wouldn’t be able to provide.

And most importantly, you build your cardiovascular endurance just as effectively, if not more than you would from running. When you’re done, you hope out feeling refreshed, and most importantly, free of swollen feet and sore muscles.

For Stress Relief

Turns out, swimming has an effect on our brains that reduces stress and anxiety. A study by Speedo reveals that:

  • Getting in the pool is the perfect way to unwind after a busy day, with 74% of those surveyed agreeing that swimming helps release stress & tension.
  • Swimming is the ideal feel good exercise with 68% saying that being in the water helps them to feel good about themselves.
  • Over two-thirds of those surveyed feel that swimming can have a positive mental impact with 70% agreeing that it helps them to feel mentally refreshed.

Since swimming is low impact, it naturally relieves a significant amount of pressure on the body, which in turn reduces physical stress.

Warm Swims are Therapeutic for the Body

According to research from temperature, an hour long soak in hot water provides substantial anti-inflammatory benefits. Which is why a lot of people end up buying personal spaces for their homes. It’s soothing for muscles and bones,

That said, you can get the same benefits with a heated pool. All you need to do is turn on your pool heat pump, set the temperature, hope in the water and start absorbing that heat.

Healthy Way to Cool off and Avoid the Heat

Want to beat the summer heat but don’t want to spend all day sitting inside watching Netflix? Hop in the pool and feel free with the breeze when you get out.

If you are using a pool heating pump, you can heat AND cool your water to whatever temperature you desire at will – 2 in 1.

Family Activity

This is probably the biggest reason for the popularity of pools – swimming and being around the pool together is enjoyable and encourages family togetherness. Many family memories have been made while enjoying a backyard swimming pool and the atmosphere that it creates.

Cost effective and Convenient Entertainment Option

Being able to stay home to beat the heat is much more desirable than having to go to another location to enjoy a swimming pool. Nothing satisfies the mind and body more than a refreshing dip in the pool on a hot day after mowing or working in the yard.

If you have kids, then you probably take a few vacations throughout the year, most likely during the summer.

Have you everything about taking some time at home instead? A Staycation?

Normally, that might not sound like fun, but when you add a swimming pool to the mix, then your house goes from boring to thrilling really fast!

Increases the Property Value

Once you add a swimming pool in your property, the value goes up automatically. An increase determined mainly by the type of swimming that you install.

If you are planning of selling your house in the future, a swimming pool installed would result in a great return on your investment.


Pools have evolved into the centerpiece of the backyard. A pool that is maintained well with a beautiful design and landscape can be quite a stunning sight. It’s a pristine shining body of water accented by the flora and decor of your backyard.

Clean Pool

Disadvantages of a Having a Swimming Pool

Installation can be Expensive

Unless you plan to set up an inflatable swimming pool, you can easily run out of a few thousand dollars on setting up and a coupe more a year on maintenance, more if the pool is heated.

Buyers looking at properties with swimming pools must consider cleaning, chlorination and pumping.

Water is precious during dry summers so future costs of filling a swimming pool may increase.

Safety Concerns

Especially with young children and pets around, the biggest concern can be drowning if they don’t know how to swim.

Pool ownership comes with a fair share of red tape and rightly so. All pools deeper than 30cm must have a suitable child safety barrier. Permits are required for construction of the pool itself and also installing or altering fences, doors or gates.

Pool Fence
Pool Fence

Increased Liability Insurance for Possible Injuries.

Do not think that because the people using your pool are friends or family, that they won’t sue you in the event of an accident or a mishap.

Maintenance Issues

The maintenance involved with a pool is not inconsiderable. It takes time and effort to keep the pool clean and in good condition. The older the pool gets, the more maintenance and work is likely required.

Final Verdict?

Owning a swimming pool requires a certain level of discipline. Having fun is limitless, but to have fun, one must do the dirty work of making sure the pool is maintained well as a daily ritual.

Follow some of the instructions in this website to help you get an edge and save visits to the pool store. Recommended you check out our guide on the best chlorine tablets for your swimming.

It’s not that hard once you get the hang of things, and it can actually be part of a meditating or motivational thing for you to do. It’s a pleasure on its own knowing that your effort doesn’t go in vain when you take a look at that clean beautiful swimming pool shining in its glory, always inviting you in for a dip at any time of day or night.